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Final Fantasy IX

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy IX

Developer: Square Product Development Division 1
Publishers: Square (JP), Squaresoft (EU), Square EA (US)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: July 7, 2000
Released in US: November 14, 2000
Released in EU: February 16, 2001

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Final Fantasy IX
Game Final Fantasy IX
Release Dates (JP) July 7, 2000

(US) November 13, 2000

(EU) February 16, 2001

Versions (JP) SLPS-02000 SLPS-02001 SLPS-02002 SLPS-02003

(Asia) SCPS-45501 SCPS-45502 SCPS-45503 SCPS-45504

(US) SLUS-01251 SLUS-01295 SLUS-01296 SLUS-01297

(UK) SLES-02965 SLES-12965 SLES-22965 SLES-32965

(FR) SLES-02966 SLES-12966 SLES-22966 SLES-32966

(GR) SLES-02967 SLES-12967 SLES-22967 SLES-32967

Discs 4x CDROM


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