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Help:Datacrystal Style

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Datacrystal strives for a uniform style across all pages. Please adhere to the following guidelines when writing articles of your own.

Third-person point of view.
Datacrystal aims for an encyclopedic method of writing. Please phrase all articles in the third person. This includes the Wikipedia idea of Neutral point of view.
ROM Hacking Content.
Datacrystal is a repository of ROM Hacking information. As such, please limit the scope of articles to ROM Hacking and related topics. Many tangentially related topics already have thorough articles on Wikipedia, and we encourage inter-wiki linking. In fact, a template exists to make this as easy as possible.
Game and Hack Pages
Please create seperate pages for each game and for notable hacks. In creating these pages, please see the example game page.
Page names and categories
Please follow Datacrystal's page naming conventions and place each page into the correct categories in order to keep information organized.
Wiki networking
Please create links to newly created articles, and avoid creating orphaned pages.
Use templates where appropriate
This especially applies to making text larger; please use the {{magnify}} template instead of headings to increase the size of text that is not appropriate as a header.